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Driving traffic to your web site makes you more visible to the millions of people who use the Internet every hour of every day.   If your prospective customers can't find you, you are essentially invisible, no matter how good you are in your line of work.

It's getting more difficult every day for search engines to keep up with indexing the enormous number of published web pages.  And yet, that is how most of the 400 million Internet users find what they're looking for.

Our experience shows that one often overlooked way businesses can increase their local marketing exposure is through targeted site promotions that include the name of the town or city area they are located.   Since many income dollars are spent on services close to home, many internet users search for companies local to their hometown.  Therefore, a targeted web site promotion program with a focus on locality can get the phones ringing with new business inquiries faster than many traditional marketing methods (newspaper, direct mail, etc).  Not to mention the relatively inexpensive cost of a web site that never gets thrown out with the trash once a week!  Your web site is working to generate leads on a continual basis - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

TeknaLight Site Promotion Program
Customized promotion services that analyze your current visitor traffic, optimize meta tags and re-submit to search engines for maximum exposure.  Contact us today to find out how site promotion can help your web site!


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