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Domain Name Registration:

$35/ yr

DNS Only


Email Only

$30/year/email address

Advanced Spam Filtering

$10/month (1 domain)
$5/month (each additional domain)

Web Hosting Basic


Web Hosting Advanced


Web Hosting ECommerce A (10-100 items)


Web Hosting ECommerce B (100-1000 items)


Web Hosting ECommerce C (>1000 items)


Web Hosting Dedicated Server


Web Site Design - Initial setup

Estimate by consultation

Move Existing Web Site

Starting at $100

EzWeb by TeknaLight - complete content management system for small businesses or groups

$600 setup  - Non-animated Graphic Banner
$900 setup - Flash Banner

Domain SSL

$350/yr (Verisign) or $59/yr (InstantSSL)
+ $100 install fee

Custom Form with SSL and email results

Starting at $75

Custom Software Consulting


Other Consulting



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